File Formats

Please send part geometry ONLY in one of the following formats

  • Catia V5 (*.CATPART)
  • IGES (trimmed surfaces)
  • Parasolid (.x_t)
  • Pro/Engineer part file (prt.1.)
  • STEP (*stp.)
  • Catia (.exp)
  • Catia (.model)
  • Unigraphics (.prt)

Mold Designs

Include ONLY the following: (Please send data “in-mold” position)

  • Part surfaces in mold position (required to locate cooling lines relative to part)
  • 3 gating directions
  • Cooling line surfaces with wire frame centerlines
  • Mold design
  • Material grade

NOTE: If you prefer to have us retrieve files from your FTP site provide the following information:

  • Your FTP address or link
  • Access (Username and Password)
  • File names intended for your current project
  • Part & program name(s)





(630) 526-8900


Data Transfers:

If you do not have a Syncplicty account please follow instructions for First time Syncplicty users.


If you have an existing account with Syncplicty please proceed to Step 1.


First time Syncplicty users:

Visit and click on “” to be taken to Syncplicity’s New User registration to sign up for a free account. (

Step 1:

Visit and click on “” to be taken to the login page. (

Syncplicty account holders:

Step 2:

Create new folder by selecting the folder icon. Name folder with company name and program/ part name.





Step 3:

Now you can upload the files. Double click inside the folder you created to open. Select the upload cloud and select the files to transfer in the pop- up box. Note: if transferring multiple files it is best to upload as a zipped folder.

Step 4:

Share the files. Highlight the file you’ve uploaded by single clicking on it.  A new navigation bar appears. Click Share Link. And in the pop up select Generate Link.



Step 5:

Select Email Link.



Step 6:

Enter into the To: bar. Include a message indicating purpose of data transfer.